Clarissa Beöthy
ph:: 00447812052880
E-mail: klarabeothy2002@yahoo.co.uk

Art Education :

Falmouth College of Arts B.A. Hons. Fine Art (Sculpture) 1996

Exhibitions :

Penzance; Tremenheere; NSA; Critic choice
Falmouth Gallery 49; invite
Falmouth Art Gallery; invite

Plymouth, PSA group show; invite
St Ives; Penrith Sociaty of Artists; invite
St Ives: Salthouse Gallery NSA Group show
Truro, Heseltine Gallery My Retrospective Solo Show
St Ives, Penwith Gallery, NSA. Gruop Show. (EXODUS)
Cornwall, Falmouth Art Gallery, Invitation
St. Ives, Penwith Gallery, PSA Group Show
St Yves, Penwith Gallery; member’s group show

Truro, Heseltine Gallery, NSA Group Show (FLUX)
London, Bethnal Green, Group Show, invite
Penzance, Penlee Gallery, Group Show, invite
Wheal Martyn Gallery in St Austell; group show
PSA Biennial exhibition, Plymouth City Gallery; "WHO AM I?" Invite

St John Bethnal Green, London, Major show with seven artists. Invite
St. Gluvias Church, Penryn, Group Show: Invite

Falmouth Art Gallery, "Soaring Spirits" invite
Falmouth: Solo show, 20 years retrospective
Plymouth Society of Artists, in .St IVes: springshow; selected.
Helen Feiler Gallery;NSA members group show.
PennyMacBeth Gallery, Falmouth; Invite

Plymouth Society of Artists, summershow; selected
Newlyn Society of Artists, in St Ives; selected
Plymouth Society of Artists, springshow; selected
Cornwall & Devon; “Open Studios”

Portsmoth:The Caravan Gallery, invite
Plymouth Society of Artists, springshow; selected
Cornwall & Devon; “Open Studios”
Plymouth Society of Artists, Xmas show; selected
Falmouth; The Great Atlantic Gallery, invite

Falmouth Art Gallery; group show, selected
Plymouth Society of Artists, group show, invite
Royal West of England Academy in Bristol, selected

Plymouth; PSA, spring show, selected
Plymouth; PSA summer show, selected
Cornwall; Falmouth Art Gallery, group summer show, invitation
Penzance, Exchange, “The Drawing Show” selected
Falmouth Art Gallery, group's wintershow, invitation
Cornwall & Devon, “Open Studios”
Plymouth Society of Artists, Xmas show
Maynart Highschool, (350 years celebration), invitation.
Morvah: Cornawall, group show, invitation
Penzance; Exchange Gallery, NSA, group show, selected     

Penzance; Exchange Gallery: NSA group show, invitation
Penryn , “Level 2” group exhibition, invitation
Cornwall & Devon; “Open Studios”
Newlyn Art Gallery, in St.Ives: spring show

Cornwall in Hayle, group Show (Red Cell)
Newlyn Art Gallery, Christmas Exhibition
Plymouth Society of Artists, Xmas Show, invitation
Falmouth Art Gallery, invitation "Sergeant Pepper"
Falmouth Art Gallery, invitation Children’s Delight
Cornwall & Devon, Open Studios
Truro; group show "Red Cell"

Plymouth Society of Artists, S.W.Open Exhibition, Plymouth
Christmas Exhibition "red cell", Penzance
Christmas Exhibition "red cell", Penzance
Plymouth Society of Artists, S.W.Open Exhibition, Plymouth

Christmas Exhibition "red cell", Penzance
Plymouth Society of Artists, S.W.Open Exhibition; Plymouth
Penryn, Open Studios
London; CRAIC Gallery,The "A" Project, invitation

Newlyn Art Gallery, Xmas group show, invitation
Three months residential in Morocco, invitation2002.

Plymouth Art Centre "HISTORY REVISION", invitation
"Open Studios" Cornwall & Devon, summer exhibition
Tresillian, ArtActs (five contemporary female artists), "EDGING DIFFERENCE"

"OpenStudios 2001", Cornwall-Devon.
Newlyn Art Gallery , "Obsession", invitation
Newlyn Art Gallery, (Critics' choice) Easter Exhibition

"Up and About Gallery", in Falmouth - XMas Show
"Open Studios", Cornwall & Devon
Newlyn Art Gallery, Summer Exhibition, invitation
Falmouth Art Gallery, "20 years of contemporary Art", invitation

Tresahor Gallery, (Cornwall) Christmas Exhibition.
Market St. Gallery, Penryn, Christmas Exhibition
"Open Studios" Summer, Falmouth-Penryn
21.Anniversary on Space x Gallery, Exeter, invitation
"Open Studios" Summer exhibition in Falmouth-Penryn
Falmouth Art Gallery, invitation with two contemporary artists "Secret Cow"

"Open Studios 98", The Tall Ships exhibition in Falmouth
Tresillian, Woodland Sculpture trial and Site specific works "Extending Level II"
Royal West of England Academy, in Bristol by the N.S.A, invitation
Newlyn Art Gallery, group show Newlyn, Cornwall

Newlyn Art Gallery, Christmas Open exhibition, invitation. Newlyn Society of Artists
Newlyn Art Gallery, Summer Open exhibition, invitation
Newlyn Art Gallery, Easter Open exhibition, invitation
Apex Gallery, in Portsmouth "Barriers", invitation

Gee Street, Gallery in London


1994. Ferdinand Zweig Scholarship. This scholarship enabled me to travel extensively through out Hungary and Romania, recording a series of video and audio-tape interviews with contemporary artists. A resulting one hour video documentation titled "Denied An Audience" was presented publicly and is now housed at the Falmouth College of Arts Library.

Clarissa Beöthy is a full member of the Newlyn Society of Artists, the Plymouth Society of Artists, the Falmouth Art Club and the "ArtActs" organisation. She is also Associate member of the Penwith Gallery. She was short listed for S.W.A. award in 2001, and awarded a residency in Morocco for three months from October 2002.

Languages : Hungarian, German, English.

Personal History:

Clarissa’s formative years were shaped by the conflict of an old world, cultured and religious family trapped in the hands of a new repressive authoritarian Eastern European Comunist regime. Her fate sometimes decided by the trigger of a gun in her face, sometimes by committee decisions blocking education in favour of heavy metalwork.

These personal reference points provide an extremely sharp focus to her investigation of the limitations, both spiritually and materially, that we place on our lives.

Her insights are made more urgent by being a stranger in a strange land. The effect has been to free her spirit and refine her powers of observation. As an outsider she can navigate and articulate ideas with clarity and precision.